An internal maintenance solution

The most recent addition to the Group, Coastal Property Maintenance, was setup to provide our Portfolio Managers and Property Consultants with an internal maintenance solution to assist them in servicing their properties.

With a wide range of maintenance related services on offer, our staff are actively involved in the repairs and general upkeep of buildings and often smaller, individually owned properties on a regular basis.


Some of the services that we specialise in are listed below:

Choose the paint and the surface and we’ll attend to the rest.
Water penetration causes headaches and often large expense if you neglect the problem. We conduct flood tests and advise on suitable solutions for any waterproofing situation.
Gate Repairs
Steel repair work and welding involving security gates is common especially if the property is a stone’s throw away from the ocean.
Most emergencies involve water and when they occur, our team is able to respond quickly. Within our property portfolio, burst geysers, leaking pipes and blocked drains are most common. If any resultant damage occurs, we're able to assist as well.
If it’s made of wood, we can fix it, build it and install it.
Tiling and Flooring
Whether it’s an apartment, foyer or staircase, we have the means to lay just about any tile and flooring to our clients' tastes and budgets.
We're not gardening specialists but we do the basics well. If we're asked to mow, trim or prune, we'll be happy to help.
Our electricians often deal with general fault finding, lighting repairs and the installation of day / night sensors and digital timers on common property. With today's high electricity rates, we also offer advice on cost effective solutions to reduce our clients' energy consumption.

With the introduction of these services, the Group has benefited as a whole. We are now able to offer a more streamlined service, minimising the need to regularly follow up with external contractors and suppliers.

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