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If you are leaving it behind, it may not have been that important to you anyway.

And when new tenants move into a house or townhouse they may be lucky enough to find pretty useful items such as coffee tables, dressers, or even a lawnmower left behind by the previous renters.

But what no new tenant wants is to find items which will make them blush, be a nuisance or leave them in utter astonishment.

Recently the Tenant Profile Network (TPN) conducted a survey to 500 of their members to uncover the weirdest things left behind by tenants. And the results were, well, interesting. Let's just say that what tenants leave behind is not everyone's cup of tea.

TPN found that that by far the most common weird item left behind by tenants are intimate toys, otherwise known as dildos and vibrators.

People also do not dismantle their sex rooms, complete with whips and chains, before they leave nor do they take their nude selfies with them.

Renters often leave their pets - dogs, cats, rabbits. It is unclear whether the animals are left behind knowingly.

Moving tenants sometimes forget their voodoo objects including monkey heads in jars and a decapitated parakeet.

But perhaps most bizarre was one tenant who left behind her squatting spouse. Yes, seriously.

Then there was the usual, and not so whacky, trash that was left for landlords and agents to mop up.

It was apparent in the survey that it is not at all uncommon for tenants to leave their rented space in a filthy state.

Because of the Protection of Personal Information Act, your landlord won't be able to name and shame you if you were one who had left a husband, sex toy or pet behind but chances are you probably didn't pay your rent on time and regularly.

'Unlucky for them is that TPN can share information based on a tenant's payment profile, and it has been repeatedly shown that a tenant who pays on time is far more likely to care for your property and investment,' says TP MD Michelle Dickens.

Source: Pretoria News Weekend

Author: Pretoria News Weekend

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